Experience Auckland’s finest Japanese Shiatsu massage, to induce deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being

Client Testimonials
“ The most amazing massage of my life. I am hoping like crazy that Taka will come to Australia, as I would see him as much as possible. Perfectly executed and very talented Shiatsu massage. Healing hands! Thank you and I will always remember this massage. I feel like a completely new person! Stronger, longer and able to take on anything!!”

“ Today was my first massage with Taka. A friend recommended him. I am so happy! First I just booked 30min but I extended one hour. It was great! I have problems with tight hip and his massage let me feel already better. He showed some exercise that I can do easily. I definitely come back. Thanks to Taka. You are great!”

“ Taka is an amazing therapist. Has attention to detail and ability to go through the whole body thoroughly in 30minutes is awesome I came with a sore shoulder and am leaving feeling much more relaxed and comfortable Amazing work.”

“ Very thorough and thoughtful. I can tell he has experienced hands and skillful knowledge. Highly recommended his service.”

“ First time I had shiatsu massage. Really enjoyed it. What an amazing art! Whole body feels more relaxed and connected! Thank you!”

“ Best massage ever, would highly recommend to anyone with lower back problems. I will be back. Thanks Taka.”

“ In only 30min, Taka created spaces flow through my whole body. Next time I will be sure to allow for a longer session. Taka is both firm, fast, and sensitive to my system’s needs.”

“ Taka has magic hands. This is my first full body Shiatsu massage. I have had many massages before but this was fantastic! Thank you so much Taka!!”

“ Very happy with Taka’s massage. It was a surprise to feel how much he notices the areas with more proper and works on them. ”

Very helpful with his comments and tips for a better posture. I will definitely be back soon. My back and shoulders need some more Taka magic. Thank you!”

“ First time I had massage with Taka. AMAZING! I feel I grow taller! Very professional and helpful with explanation about everything. Will sure come back!”

“ Very tight body and back( bulging disc 3 weeks prior). This massage was outstanding and has been a strong highlight of my trip.”

“ Taka has some amazing massage skills. I have never had a massage like it. Gentle but strong, really relaxing whilst feeling like your body is distressing. I’m gonna sleep well tonight. Thanks!!”

“ A very enjoyable experience. The massage was very firm without being painful and targeted the areas of concern. I suffer from tense shoulders and lower back stiffness. The massage has freed up those areas. A general feeling of well-being at the end. It is unfortunate that I live out of town otherwise I would be a regular. Thank you very much!”

“ Amasing energy and very thorough just what I needed. My body feels alive again. Awesome pressure. Absolutely loved it! Thank you.”