Who’s TAKA

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Taka (Takayuki Hashimoto)
Authentic Shiatsu massage therapist
Japanese Acupuncturist

Originally from Tokyo, I moved to Queenstown November 2012.
Because the magical Queenstown lifestyle caught me! Since living here, I have been practicing in Nadi Wellness Centre. All I want to do in Queenstown is showing what is authentic Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is an amazing healing art originating in Japan. Authentic Shiatsu is not only relaxing but also therapeutic technique. I succeeded in helping people in Japan. So I would like to do the same thing in New Zealand-as I love this country very much. I am confident of my technique. Because I have 10 years healing experience.
I can offer
・Authentic Shiatsu massage
・Acupuncture and Moxibaction
・Taiwan style Reflexology
・Sports massage
・Reiki healing
・Reconnection healing
・Shintoism healing
・Qi-Gong therapy
I will solve your problems.
Come and see me!
I am looking forward to seeing you!