All of my suggestions for good health are very simple:

1. Eat mostly whole food, consume fermented foods.

2. Chew well

3. Drink more water

There is a lot of nutrient information for health. People tend to take supplements which are commercialised. Actually the information about superfoods is true and these include rare nutrients.

However is this a natural way to get energy?

1. Japanese who lived 100 years ago didn’t know about super foods but they lived very long and healthy lives. Their diets were very simple: Brown rice, Miso soup, Fish, Vegetable, Pickles, just twice a day. Fermentation is one of the important keys to good health.

I can teach you how to make Miso, Kimchi, Natto, Sauerkraut, Pickles, Beer, Amazake, Kombucha, Kefir Yogurt.

2. Saliva helps digestion then the gut can absorb nutrients easily. If you don’t chew nutrient rich foods, they can’t be absorbed properly. You should even chew ( eat ) smoothies rather than drink them.

3. 80% of the body is made of water. You drink coffee and tea but its not enough water because they have diuretic action. Herbal teas are good but they don’t provide enough water for your body cells.