Frequently Asked Questions about Shiatsu

Will I have to undress?

No.  You will be asked to remove your shoes, keep your socks on, and to remove any bulky clothing like a sweater and a pair of jeans.  It will be helpful to wear something stretchy or loose fitting, and skirts are not ideal.  For your convenience, I have loose fitting clothes at my clinic. 

How painful will it be during Shiatsu treatment?

It is not supposed to be painful, as I carefully adjust the pressure to ensure comfort during treatment.  However, some people might feel pain at some trigger points, please feel free to tell me if the pressure is too strong.

Is there anything that I need to be aware of after the treatment?

Yes.  It is best to avoid doing hard exercise.  Drinking alcohol is not recommended, due to improved circulation of blood you will get drunk quicker.  Taking a bath and doing some stretches in a tub is ideal for longer lasting benefits.

Is a mobile Shiatsu treatment available?

Yes.  Depending on urgency of symptoms, such as strained back, cricked neck, being unable to move, a house call is available.  If requiring immediate treatment, I can be available on call 24 hours.

Is there a problem if I have a treatment right after a meal?

Yes.  After a meal, the digestive system works hard and a great amount of blood goes to this area to help digestion.  Shiatsu promotes blood circulation all over the body and will therefore restrict the amount of blood to digestive system.  It is strongly recommended to take at least an hour break after a meal before treatment.

Is Shiatsu effective for Pre Menstrual Syndromes?

Yes.  Symptoms are often alleviated by Shiatsu treatment, which regulates the autonomous nerve system.

Can a pregnant woman have a Shiatsu treatment?

Yes.  However, treatment could be limited depending on stage of pregnancy.  Shiatsu is very effective for pregnant women who have tight shoulders, back pain, hip joint pain, knee pain, physical and hormonal changes.  Instructions for stretching and exercise will be provided for self-treatment.  For those who have morning sickness, it is best to wait until the second trimester.

How soon can I have a Shiatsu treatment after giving birth?

It is strongly recommended having treatment one month after childbirth.  The pelvis needs a good rest to get back to its original shape, and the range of treatment will be very limited before this period. After childbirth, postnatal women tend to be in a bad posture, walk awkwardly and have back pain.  Some complain about the pelvis not getting back to its original shape.  All of these conditions occur because of declined function around the pelvis and weakened abdominal muscles.  If you have a treatment earlier, you will recover in shorter period of time.  Shiatsu helps return stability to the pelvis area.

Can Shiatsu treatment improve the natural state of my body?

It has been said that Shiatsu treatment only gives temporary relief of uncomfortable symptoms. But recent studies of Brains Science have shown thus to be wrong. According to studies, the body can learn to return to its natural state through Shiatsu treatment. Our brains and body can memorise comfortable state brought by Shiatsu treatment, and they try to be in this state because it is easy and natural – this is how spontaneous healing works. Spontaneous healing will work best with proper diagnosis and regular treatment.

How often should I stretch each a day?

Stiffness of muscles cannot be loosened by a few minutes of stretching before going to bed and it is best to do it as often as you can throughout the day. For example, doing one minute stretch every hour is more effective than doing ten minutes stretch before going to bed. This also helps you check your posture and breathing throughout the day.

Which method is more effective, adjusting the bones or working on the muscles?

Although it depends on the circumstances, working on muscles often has higher priority, because bones tend to go back to the wrong positions, pulled by the tight muscles that surround them. Bones aligned by chiropractic will last longer if the muscles are well loosened beforehand through Shiatsu treatment. Both treatments work very well. The bones are usually set in a correct position, if the muscles are in a good condition. Shiatsu can focus to help you achieve good muscle condition.

What is the “healing crisis (cleansing reaction)” ?

Some people feel weariness and some even feel worse after their first Shiatsu treatment.  This symptom is called the healing crisis or cleansing reaction, which occurs when the body recovers spontaneously.  It is a similar sensation to muscle pain caused by excess massage, and this symptom will settle in around three days.