Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu works upon the body’s energetic system using the network of meridians or energy pathways that relate to the functioning of the internal organs as well as our emotional, psychological, and spiritual harmony.

Prevention and treatment like other natural healing and alternative therapies, Shiatsu is concerned with preventative measures. Shiatsu keeps the body healthy, flexible, and in balance, as well monitoring energetic changes that may be precursors of sickness.

Shiatsu can help: headaches, migraine, acute and chronic back pain (especially if of muscular origin), sciatica, muscular stiffness and injuries, some forms of arthritis, and rheumatic complaints.

Working as it does on the body’s internal organs, Shiatsu can also have a role in the treatment of digestive and intestinal disorders and circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive problems. Because Shiatsu works on relaxing the body at a deep level contacting the more subtle aspects of one’s energetic makeup, it can also help in the treatment of anxiety, tension, depression, and emotional instability.

Lifestyle changes can not be imposed overnight. Therefore disciplines have to be developed over time through effective treatment and consultation. My techniques can assist my patients to restore the physical and mental balance needed for our continuing healthy lifestyle.