Introduction to the therapies

Our body is capable of healing itself to some extent, provided that we do not abuse it. Our model lifestyle imposes great demands on our physical and mental energies which can upset the balance of our wellbeing. Because of this we tend to neglect our body’s needs for rest, good nutrition and relaxation. My therapies address all these issues and if allowed can assist you to restore the essential energies required by a body to help maintain good health.

For my therapies to be effective my patients need to have the willingness to affect a change in their lifestyles.

Flow of Treatment
Just as machinery needs oiling, our bodies need to be maintained to keep it functioning well.
You will feel improvement of your symptoms after three treatments.

First Treatment
Consultation. Identifying the cause of symptoms and areas to work on. The Shiatsu treatment starts. Demonstration and instruction of stretching exercise for self-treatment at home. Providing guidance to improve lifestyle.

Second Treatment
Look at the progress of improvement after the first treatment. Further treatment of the symptom area. Construct a recovery plan and check if the daily self-treatment is progressing.

After Third Treatment
Further treatment to bring out the best effect for the symptoms and status. Checking the progress of the recovery plan and daily self-treatment. Proposing advanced self-treatment.

Treatment Notes
Acupuncture and Shiatsu are called Preventive Medicine, which cures “future illness” according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is ideal to maintain your body by having a monthly treatment no matter how well you feel. There can be unnoticed stiffness somewhere in body that could develop without a treatment and will cause un-wellness in the future. Hence it is best to get your condition checked by a therapist regularly. I recommend regular Shiatsu treatment in the early stage to help bring out and maintain spontaneous healing.For example, it is ideal to have treatment once a week for the first month, then once fortnight for next two months, and once a month after three months.However, a treatment plan could vary depending on individual wellness status and how much a client can achieve. Having a treatment once a fortnight is therefore appropriate for most of patients.Lastly, there are no hard and fast rules, and the frequency of treatment depends on the patients. Some get better after having a 30 minutes treatment each week and some get better after having a 60 minutes treatment each month – so please ask.